Project: Natural View
Natural View I (Moving Image, 2021)
Natural View II(Moving Image, 2022)
Date: 2021-

There are several fruits and veggies shop around the town, where one can find products, in comparison to supermarket, with better quality--even though more pricy--and more convenient, in comparison to traditional market opening only in the morning.

It was this specific shop locating between the cafe I worked for and my place, which chose green grass as their decoration. More specifically, it was artificial lawn that covering every part of its walls, inside and out. That fresh green stay bright day in and day out, without the owners paying extra efforts to maintain it. A certain connection between the shop's decoration and its products emerged.

Months later, I noticed a bubble tea shop in the city center installing a wall of flowers on the side wall outside of its oder counter: roses with in various pink on top of leaves in dark green, which never wither and stay forever blossoming.
A couple of houses next to the shop, a cafe of an international chain promote its coffee with fair trade and sustainable farming. To stress its focus, an image of a man in darker skin color, with a rather oversized shirt seemingly because of the heat, smiling at the camera while supposedly picking up coffee beans.

A certain obsession of the idea of nature, I find, intertwining with various intentions, has revealed itself in different outsets.

Work: Natural View II (Screen Captures)
Type: Sound video, 7:02

Screencaptures of “Natural View II”

Work:Natural View I 
Type: Sound Video, 6:38
Installation View

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