Project: The Newer, The Better
The Newer, The Better (Still Image)
Oh I love the city of green (Photobook)
Look at the bright side (Photobook)
The Better Side (Moving image)
Date: 2019

In Taipei, the capital city in Taiwan, certain elements have become extremely common signs: curtain walls, polished marbles, trimmed plants. The original complexities of the city, which bear the traces of aging, are made out of sight. They are meant to be replaced by trendy sutffs, for the sake of Newness. Within this logic, the cycle of abandonment and following production sustain our needs and wants.

We need to cover up, or even discard, the old, for if we stop, we are no longer being up-to-date: the biggest threat of all time.

In the work of The Newer, The Better, it is intended to put a bracket to this tendency, with questioning:
What encourages us to install artificial lawn outside of walls, or to tear down house of bricks and put on smooth marbles?
We are inhabiting inside the residue of spectacles. We cannot stop inhale the air of fancy illusions and produce something closer.
The Newer, The Better” series
Work: The Better Side
Type: Silent Video, 9:52

Statement:Through The Better Side, I try to experiment how to combine the still image elements surrounding the furnishing, eye-soothing city-scape, the constructions and the maintenance force.
In the meantime, with montage this moving image work would guide the viewers through the city with a different viewpoint, to re-construct their daily expeirence of the city and ask the viewers to re-consider this city they live in.
The sound is taken as a emphasis to the specific roles played by these daily scenes.

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Screenshots of The Better Side
Work: Look at the bright side
Type: Still Images (Selection)/ Photobook

Two artist books are created for the project "The Newer, The Better."

In this series, my focus is brought to the way newness is defined and produced in city-wide re-furnishing, and the hidden labour of maintenance used for its shiny surface.

Glossy papers are selected to depict flat-looking still images, to resemble the smooth, often western lookalike "modern"buildings.
Objects gathered from construction site were used across the book as well as to bind the book itself with force.

Via the specific materiality of book, it is intended to gather and re-interpret the experiences and ideas captured into a different
medium, to expand the way for the viewers to confront the piece in different dimension

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Work: Oh I love the city of green
Type: Still Images (Selection)/ Photobook

Two artist books are created for the project "The Newer, The Better."

The book for the series "Oh I love the city of green" confronts the specific phenomena of making green movement in Taipei, capital city of Taiwan.
Different parts of the city contain certain vague ideologies via ways of maintaining the “green” parts of this city, to keep a trace of nature (is this idea of nature not imported, too?).

The book combines objects such as artificial lawn, green celluloid and specific printings to provide viewers to re-experience this phenomena via reading through this work.

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Exhibtion:The Newer, The Better
Date: 2019-20
Installation View

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